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Our vision is to be Europe's premier decentralized digital ecosystem, facilitating seamless collaboration and innovation across diverse industries. We envision a future where organizations can securely exchange and monetize their data, driving economic growth and digital transformation while maintaining control over their data.


Enable secure, decentralized, and compliant data sharing and digital service monetization across Europe. We aim to empower organizations with cutting-edge infrastructure that enables data sovereignty and privacy through innovative paradigms like Compute-to-Data (CtD). Pontus-X is committed to fostering a sustainable and competitive ecosystem for digital services within the Gaia-X framework, promoting trust and transparency in the digital economy.

Core Values

  • Data Sovereignty: Upholding the highest data protection and privacy standards ensures organizations maintain complete control over their data.
  • Transparency: Promoting openness and accountability in all ecosystem digital transactions and governance processes.
  • Innovation: Encouraging continuous development and integration of cutting-edge technologies to drive digital transformation and economic growth.
  • Collaboration: Fostering a cooperative environment where participants can freely share knowledge, resources, and services to achieve common goals.
  • Security: Implementing robust mechanisms to protect data and ensure secure digital interactions across the ecosystem.
  • Sustainability: Supporting environmentally and economically sustainable business practices through efficient and decentralized technologies.
  • Compliance: Adhering to European regulations and the Gaia-X Trust Framework to meet legal and ethical standards.