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Pontus-X Networks: GEN-X Testnet and Oasis Pontus-X

Welcome to the Pontus-X ecosystem, where we have two distinct but interconnected networks: GEN-X Testnet and the new Oasis Pontus-X. GEN-X, the Pan-European Pontus-X network, is a community-driven and governed network adhering to the Gaia-X Trust Framework. In contrast, Oasis Pontus-X is a developer-focused network, designed for rapid onboarding, experimentation, and access to the latest features.

GEN-X Testnet (Pontus-X)

The GEN-X Testnet stands as a testament to decentralized and federated data management. Governed by Gaia-X community members, it operates within the European Digital Single Market, promoting the adoption of the Gaia-X framework across various domains such as industry 4.0, mobility, and real estate. This network, leveraging Polygon Supernets and enabled by Ocean Protocol's Compute-to-Data, facilitates secure and sovereign data processing and value creation.

Oasis Pontus-X: A Developer's Playground

Introducing Oasis Pontus-X, a dedicated developer network on the Oasis Network, tailored for developers seeking a streamlined and feature-rich environment for blockchain development. This new network complements GEN-X by offering a platform where developers can quickly onboard, innovate, and interact with the latest blockchain technologies.

Oasis Pontus-X integrates seamlessly with the Oasis Network's ParaTime, providing a robust and privacy-focused platform for building decentralized applications. This integration ensures developers have access to a secure, scalable, and versatile environment, ideal for pioneering applications in blockchain technology.

Bridging Two Worlds: GEN-X and Oasis Pontus-X

The synergy between GEN-X and Oasis Pontus-X creates a holistic ecosystem encompassing both community governance and cutting-edge development. GEN-X serves as a testbed for best practices and governance rules, while Oasis Pontus-X opens new avenues for rapid development and feature testing.

Exploring the Pontus-X Supernet (GEN-X)

The Pontus-X Network, based on Polygon Supernets and built atop Polygon Edge, offers a customizable blockchain stack for tailored network solutions. With its IBFT consensus mechanism and EVM compatibility, it serves as a robust foundation for sovereign and enterprise-grade blockchain applications.


As you journey through this documentation, you'll gain insights into both the GEN-X Testnet and Oasis Pontus-X, understanding their unique roles in fostering innovation and governance in the digital landscape. Whether you're a developer, policy-maker, or enthusiast, the Pontus-X ecosystem offers a dynamic and collaborative environment for exploring the frontiers of blockchain technology.